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Rocksmith+ has recently expanded its repertoire to include piano lessons

Ubisoft’s Rocksmith+, a renowned guitar-learning platform, has recently expanded its repertoire to include piano lessons, elevating the app to a new level of musical education. This update introduces a comprehensive approach to music learning, allowing users to access lessons for a variety of instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, and now, piano.

A Musical Feast for Piano Enthusiasts

Rocksmith+ now boasts an impressive collection of 400 piano arrangements, with a promise to add at least 40 new pieces each month. The range of songs available spans multiple genres, from pop hits like Elton John’s “Rocket Man” and Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love,” to classical pieces and soundtracks. This diverse selection supplements the existing library of over 7,000 songs for guitar and bass enthusiasts.

User-Friendly and Accessible Learning Tools

Available on mobile devices and PCs, Rocksmith+ caters to various learning preferences by offering an interactive 3D interface alongside traditional sheet music. The platform supports digital pianos and keyboards ranging from 25 to the full 88 keys, and users can connect via a wired MIDI controller. Remarkably, no additional equipment like dedicated microphones is required to get started.

Subscription Details and User Experience

While Rocksmith+ has received mixed reviews for its guitar and bass features, the app’s intuitive interface and growing song library continue to attract users. The platform offers a week-long free trial, with subsequent subscription options at $15 per month or $100 per year. Users should note that the free trial is exclusively available with the yearly subscription.

Rocksmith+’s Expanding Library

Rocksmith+’s commitment to providing the most original recordings by artists is evident in its ever-expanding library, now enriched with top hits from artists like Coldplay, Paramore, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and more. The platform promises to add over 50 new songs monthly, ensuring a fresh and diverse learning experience.

Learning Made Easy and Engaging

Rocksmith+ not only simplifies the learning process but also makes it engaging. Users can download the app on iOS, Android, or PC, and start playing songs directly from their mobile phone or tablet. The app’s real-time feedback and personalized practice tools offer a controlled and tailored learning experience. Additionally, the Rocksmith+ website provides free supplemental resources, including articles and videos on music theory, technique, and instrument care.

In summary, Rocksmith+ is revolutionizing the way people learn music. Its expansion to include piano lessons underlines Ubisoft’s commitment to making music education accessible and enjoyable. As Rocksmith+ continues to grow its library and improve its features, it stands as a formidable platform for aspiring musicians worldwide.