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A Roadmap for Healthcare’s Transition to Digital through App Modernization


  • Healthcare's app modernization requires initial app assessment.

  • Strategic cloud migration and modern tech adoption are vital.

  • Ongoing optimization ensures alignment with goals and standards.

The digitization of healthcare is pivotal in enhancing service delivery, requiring a transformation that includes the modernization of applications. Beginning with an appraisal of existing apps against modernization targets, it’s critical to consider their scalability, maintainability, efficiency, and usefulness. Comprehensive assessments provide a macro view, guiding custom strategies to achieve modernization objectives.

Focusing on Cloud Compatibility

A move to the cloud necessitates a strategic choice of platform, ideally based on the specific services a healthcare organization requires. It is integral to consider the cloud service provider’s capacity to cater to an organization’s needs, rather than just settling for a popular public cloud environment. This becomes especially crucial when managing vital data spanning core, edge, and cloud databases directly from the cloud.

Embracing Modern Technologies

With a firm grasp of modernization requirements and hosting strategies, healthcare organizations must develop cloud-adapted applications. This entails employing contemporary technologies like containers for consistent multi-environment deployment, microservices for independent core function development, artificial intelligence for data-driven insights, and automation for efficiency in deployment and diagnostics.

Ensuring Sustained Application Excellence

Modernizing applications is an ongoing endeavor, demanding constant monitoring and alignment with organizational standards and goals. Utilizing application monitoring tools, healthcare organizations can ensure that modernized apps remain in sync with their workforce, procedures, and governance. Continual performance tracking and reassessment are essential in maintaining and enhancing app and environmental congruence with organizational needs.

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