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ACERTUS Energizes Locations for EV Transport with OpConnect Partnership


  • ACERTUS partners with OpConnect to electrify its logistics sites for EVs.

  • Electrification will ensure EV battery health and customer readiness.

  • 80% of ACERTUS sites aimed to be electrified by early 2024.

ACERTUS is meeting the increasing demand for electric vehicle (EV) transport by partnering with OpConnect, an Oregon-based EV charging solution provider. This strategic move will electrify 41 of its 67 nationwide service locations to accommodate the growing EV market.

ACERTUS, a provider of a full suite of automotive logistics services, is expanding its infrastructure to ensure it can transport, store, maintain, and deliver EVs efficiently.

To support the operational health of EVs during storage and before delivery, ACERTUS will install charging systems across various facilities. These systems will maintain the EVs’ battery health, enabling customers to receive their vehicles fully charged and ready for the road. This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to adapting to the needs of its diverse customer base, which includes Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and fleet operators.

Trent Broberg, CEO of ACERTUS, highlighted the varied needs of their customers regarding the surge of EVs in the market. He emphasized the importance of having a customized solution due to the varying power capabilities at their nationwide hubs and storage locations, which is where OpConnect’s expertise comes into play.

The initiative to electrify ACERTUS locations is already in motion, targeting 80% completion by early 2024. Furthermore, OpConnect is dedicating resources to train local electricians in the installation of EV charging stations, tailored to the available power supply at each site.

Dexter Turner, CEO of OpConnect, reiterates the importance of a scalable charging infrastructure to meet the accelerating adoption of EVs. Turner praises ACERTUS for its dedication to electrification and logistic capabilities, believing the company is well-positioned to advance the expansion of charging accessibility and efficiency.

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