Airbnb Introduces Winter Update: AI-Powered Photo Tours Available

9 November, 2023 - 1:19 pm (22 days ago)
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Airbnb has unveiled its Winter Update, introducing a suite of enhancements designed to make the platform more user-friendly for both hosts and guests. Among the key highlights are smart lock integration, a Guest Favorites collection, and AI-powered photo tours.

Smart Lock Integration for Hassle-Free Check-Ins

Airbnb is partnering with smart lock manufacturers August, Schlage, and Yale to enable seamless integration between smart locks and the Airbnb app. This integration will eliminate the need for hosts to manually issue door codes and allow guests to easily access their accommodations using a unique code generated for each reservation. The code will automatically activate at check-in time and deactivate upon checkout.

Guest Favorites: Showcasing Highly-Rated Homes

Airbnb is introducing a new category called Guest Favorites, featuring two million of the platform’s most-loved homes. These homes have consistently received exceptional ratings from guests, averaging above 4.9 stars and excelling in areas such as check-in ease, cleanliness, listing accuracy, host communication, location, and value.

AI-Powered Photo Tours for Enhanced Property Visualization

Hosts can now leverage AI-powered photo tours to showcase their properties more effectively. Airbnb’s AI engine can automatically recognize and categorize photos, assigning them to the appropriate rooms within the listing. Hosts can further customize the photo tours by adding specific amenity information to each room.

In addition to the aforementioned features, Airbnb’s Winter Update also includes several other enhancements:

Enhanced Review Listings: Reviews can now be sorted by rating and recency, and they automatically include information about the reviewer’s booking details, such as the length of their stay and whether they traveled with children or pets.

Clearer Fee Communication: Airbnb is committed to providing more transparency regarding fees. Hosts will now be able to see how fees are applied during a guest’s stay, making it easier to understand the total cost of a reservation.

Co-Host Payout Splits: Co-hosts can now easily split cleaning fees and receive a portion of the booking amount, as determined by the primary host.

Listing Price Comparison: Hosts can directly compare their listing prices with nearby Airbnbs within the app, allowing them to make informed pricing decisions.

Enhanced Earnings Dashboard: Hosts will have access to a revamped earnings dashboard that provides a clear overview of their earnings, along with projections and reports.

Airbnb’s Winter Update demonstrates the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience for both hosts and guests. With the introduction of smart lock integration, Guest Favorites, AI-powered photo tours, and other valuable features, Airbnb is making it easier than ever to find and enjoy great accommodations.

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