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Anker Launches New Compact Power Station for Outdoor Enthusiasts


  • Compact Anker SOLIX C800 Plus Power Station debuts.

  • Offers high capacity and assorted accessories for campers.

  • Ideal for extended outdoor activities with reliable power.

Anker has unveiled the SOLIX C800 Plus Power Station, targeting adventurers who require a portable and high-capacity power solution for their outdoor activities. The power station’s design is compact, which makes it particularly suitable for camping trips where space and portability are key considerations. Despite its small size, the SOLIX C800 Plus does not compromise on power, boasting a substantial battery capacity that is capable of meeting various energy needs while off the grid.

Power Station Features and Accessories

In addition to its portability and robust power, the SOLIX C800 Plus comes with a range of accessories that enhances its usability in outdoor environments. These include multiple outlets and ports that can cater to a variety of electronic devices, ensuring that users have access to power for anything from smartphones to larger electrical appliances. The design has been carefully considered to provide a balance between functionality and convenience, making it a versatile companion for any camping trip.

High-Capacity Battery for Extended Use

The SOLIX C800 Plus’s high-capacity battery is one of its standout features, ensuring that users have access to a reliable power source for an extended period. This capability allows for continuous use of essential devices and equipment, alleviating concerns about running out of power when away from traditional power sources. For those who enjoy spending time in the wilderness or engaging in prolonged outdoor activities, the SOLIX C800 Plus represents a promising solution.

Anker’s latest offering is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. The SOLIX C800 Plus Power Station is set to become a favorite amongst campers, hikers, and anyone in need of a dependable and portable energy source. With its combination of size, power, and accessory options, the new power station is poised to redefine the outdoor power supply experience.

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