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Anticipated Design Refresh for Apple iOS and Future macOS Overhaul


  • iOS 18 may sport new design elements soon.

  • macOS major redesign planned for mid-2020s.

  • Apple's WWDC expected to showcase iOS updates.

Recent reports suggest that Apple enthusiasts can look forward to a fresh look for iOS in the near future, although a comprehensive redesign for macOS may still be a few years away. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg indicates that the tech giant is contemplating aesthetic updates to its iOS platform, potentially as soon as this year, while a macOS makeover is on the cards for 2025 or 2026.

Impending iOS Transformation

While rumors abound regarding the extent of change to the iOS interface—with some speculating a radical shift inspired by the hypothetical visionOS—Gurman tempers expectations. He suggests that the alterations to iOS may incorporate elements of this new design language, but will not constitute a complete overhaul. The adoption of “ambitious and compelling” features and redesigns for iOS 18 was more firmly stated in a November newsletter, setting the stage for notable updates to the user experience.

macOS Redesign: A Future Prospect

On the macOS front, Gurman reveals that Apple has only just commenced the preliminary stages of revamping its operating system, with the expectation that substantial changes will be released around 2025-2026. This would mark the first significant upgrade since the introduction of macOS Big Sur in 2020. The anticipation for iOS 18’s reveal is high, with predictions pointing towards an announcement at the annual WWDC event in June.

In the realm of tech journalism, multiple sources have weighed in on these potential developments. The first article, published by MacRumors under the title “iOS 18 Rumored to Have Design Changes, macOS Revamp Coming Later,” corroborates the information provided by Gurman and delves into the speculative features that might grace the upcoming iOS. Meanwhile, another article from Bloomberg, not specified by title, has contributed to the conversation by reiterating the timeline for the anticipated changes, highlighting the incremental nature of the iOS refresh and the more distant horizon for the macOS redesign.

Apple’s strategy for rolling out these updates seems to indicate a careful, measured approach. By gradually introducing new design elements, users can acclimate to changes without the shock of a complete interface upheaval. This deliberate pace allows Apple to maintain a sense of familiarity while still injecting fresh innovation into its operating systems.

The community’s reaction is a mix of excitement and curiosity, with developers and users alike speculating on the new features and improvements that iOS 18 might offer. As the WWDC approaches, anticipation builds, promising an interesting reveal for Apple’s dedicated following.

The excitement is palpable as the tech world eagerly awaits the upcoming WWDC where Apple is likely to unveil the next iteration of iOS. Despite the lack of a complete overhaul, the promise of a design refresh suggests that Apple remains committed to evolving the aesthetics and functionality of its software to enhance user experience.