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Anticipated Launch of Nintendo’s Next-Gen Console Spurs Speculation


  • Nintendo's next-gen console may launch this year.

  • Price set at $400, with games potentially costing $70.

  • Design to evolve current Switch, maintaining portability.

Nintendo is poised to introduce its cutting-edge gaming console within the year. The company’s track record shows a pattern of both pioneering new hardware concepts and refining previous designs. This blend of innovation and iteration has been a hallmark of Nintendo’s approach from the SNES to the 3DS era.

Expert Insights on Nintendo’s Future Console

Industry expert Dr. Serkan Toto of Kantan Games has informed GamesIndustry that Nintendo’s forthcoming console is likely to be an advancement of the current Switch.

He anticipates a release price of $400, slightly more expensive than its predecessors, with the possibility of game titles adopting a new $70 price point. This follows the pricing strategy of “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” Nintendo’s inaugural $70 game.

Dr. Toto conjectures that Nintendo will maintain the hybrid nature of the Switch while enhancing the device’s technical capabilities. This aligns with leaks suggesting the new console will improve upon the Switch but won’t stray from its successful hybrid model.

Nintendo’s Approach: Evolution, Not Revolution

Echoing his previous statements, Toto emphasizes that the upcoming device is expected to be an evolutionary step rather than a radical change in design. He speculates that, given the importance of portable gaming to franchises like Pokémon, Nintendo is unlikely to forgo the handheld functionality in its new offering.

Rumors indicate a potential release for the so-called Switch 2 in the latter half of 2024, with anticipation building around when Nintendo will officially reveal the console.

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