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Apple Arcade to Remove ‘World of Demons’ from their Lineup


  • 'World of Demons' exits Apple Arcade, unplayable February 1.

  • Uncertainty over game permanence on subscription platforms highlighted.

  • Apple Arcade's game offerings subject to change without much warning.

The gaming landscape faces a change as ‘World of Demons,’ a title on the Apple Arcade platform, will soon become inaccessible for download. The game, known for its engaging content and interactive features, is set to exit the Apple subscription service by the end of the current month. Subsequently, it will not only be removed from the list of downloadable games but also become unplayable starting February 1.

Impending Unavailability of Popular Game

The removal of ‘World of Demons’ from Apple Arcade marks a significant move, as users have had the opportunity to experience this game since the service’s initiation. Those currently engaging with the game will find their access cut off as the calendar turns, leading to a disruption for dedicated players. The game’s developer has yet to release a formal statement regarding the removal or any potential availability through other means post-February.

Future of Gaming Titles on Subscription Services

This event raises questions about the longevity and permanence of games provided on subscription-based platforms like Apple Arcade. The uncertainty of title availability may affect user decisions on investing time and potentially money into games that may not have a guaranteed presence on the service. It exemplifies a challenge within the gaming subscription model, where the permanence of content is neither assured nor predictable.

Gamers on the platform are advised to make the most of the remaining time with ‘World of Demons,’ as its impending removal is confirmed. The circumstances surrounding its de-listing from Apple Arcade could serve as a precedent for how similar situations may be handled in the future. The end of January marks the last chance for players to download the game, after which it will be unavailable for play or download.

Apple Arcade has not yet disclosed any additional details about the game’s removal or if it will be replaced by another title. The platform continues to offer a broad range of games, but the exit of ‘World of Demons’ underscores the fluid nature of digital gaming libraries. Subscribers to the service might be compelled to rethink the value proposition of such platforms, where games can disappear without much notice.

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