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Apple Vision Pro: The Future of Spatial Computing


  • Apple Vision Pro to launch February 2nd, 2024.

  • Starting at $3,499, prescription lenses available.

  • Premium design, advanced features, and visionOS.

Revealed at WWDC 2023, Apple Vision Pro marks the tech giant’s pioneering venture into spatial computing, with its impending launch scheduled for 2024. The headset, which is powered by the novel visionOS, is anticipated to set a new standard in the segment with its array of features and specialized operating system.

Launch and Availability

The much-awaited Apple Vision Pro is set to debut in the United States on February 2nd, with pre-orders commencing on January 19th. This advanced spatial computer will be available through both online platforms and physical store locations.

Price Point and Prescription Lenses

Positioned at a premium starting price point of $3,499 for the 256GB model with an M2 chip, the cost for additional storage and RAM upgrades remains undisclosed. In collaboration with Zeiss, Apple will provide prescription lenses, with prices for these optical inserts starting at $99.

The package for the Apple Vision Pro will include various accessories that enhance comfort and usability, such as the Solo Knit and Dual Loop Bands, Light Seal Cushions, a device cover, polishing cloth, battery, and charging cables.

Innovative Design and Display

Boasting a premium aluminum frame and a high-end mesh akin to the AirPods Max, the design of the Vision Pro focuses on user interaction and comfort. The EyeSight display allows for visible eye contact and facial expressions, while the Light Seal offers a precise fit. Moreover, the headset features dual 4K micro OLED displays and a unique Digital Crown for seamless VR and AR mode switching.

Powerful Processors and Cameras

Empowered by the M2 processor, the Apple Vision Pro delivers exceptional graphics and efficient running of visionOS. The R1 chip processes input from an array of cameras and sensors in real-time. With 12 cameras and various sensors, the device supports hand gesture recognition, 3D mapping, and includes LiDAR technology for enhanced spatial awareness.

Operating System and Functionality

visionOS introduces features such as Optic ID for secure unlocking, a Cinema Environment for an immersive viewing experience, life-size FaceTime video calls, advanced accessibility options, and diverse gesture controls. Developers interested in creating apps for visionOS can apply for a special development kit provided by Apple.

External Battery and Future Developments

The headset operates with an external battery, promising up to two and a half hours of video playback. As rumors circulate about an Apple Vision Pro 2 with enhanced display technology, developers and consumers alike eagerly anticipate the transformative capabilities of this next-generation device.

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