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Apple’s Vision Pro Launch: A Game-Changer Without In-Store Fittings?


  • Apple declares Vision Pro launch date.

  • In-store fittings for Vision Pro seem unnecessary.

  • Vision Pro to include all fitting accessories.

Apple has recently proclaimed the launch date for its highly anticipated Vision Pro. This announcement aligns with expectations drawn from both speculation and logical deduction that the tech giant would reveal the product in tandem with CES 2024, despite traditionally not using the event for unveilings. Meanwhile, competitors may use CES to introduce their own similar technologies.

Initial Purchase Process Mirrors Apple Watch

Early discussions suggested that the acquisition of the Vision Pro would mirror the Apple Watch’s purchasing process, necessitating in-person appointments which could include custom fittings and potentially corrective lenses. However, contrary to these expectations, Apple’s recent announcement contains no indication that in-person fittings are a prerequisite for Vision Pro customers.

Unboxing the Vision Pro Experience

The latest information from Apple implies that customers will receive all necessary components for an optimal fit directly within the Vision Pro’s packaging. This approach raises questions about the need for in-store fittings, given that the product appears to be ready-to-use straight out of the box.

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