Are You Making the Most of Forza Motorsport’s New Features?

9 October, 2023 - 11:20 am (52 days ago)
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Forza Motorsport, though celebrated for its exceptional graphics and intricate gameplay, has entered the gaming world not without its share of challenges. The game, which is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC in early access and soon to be globally launched, has given gamers a taste of the road, both smooth and bumpy.

The Glitches on the Track

Early access players have experienced unexpected stops, especially when trying to enhance cars in the game’s Career Mode. This has caused significant inconvenience, demanding a game restart and even loss of race progression. All platforms seem to be experiencing this hiccup, leaving players waiting anxiously for Turn 10 Studios, the developers, to shift gears and provide a solution.

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Navigating Progression and Upgrades

Forza Motorsport’s progression isn’t just about speed; it’s about strategy. Vehicle enhancements are no longer free for all; they’re secured behind the Car Level. Climbing to the top, which stands at level 50, gives access to significant modifications.

Earning XP, achieved through various activities such as overtaking in Builders Cup mode or marking new records, becomes the game within the game. Strategies like racing in Free and Rivals, or employing assists in Free Play, can ease the grind, allowing players to level up faster.

Fueling the Journey: Credits

The Forza journey requires fuel in the form of Credits. This primary currency facilitates the purchase of cars, with parts purchased via Car Points. Saving and earning these credits involve strategies ranging from racing, completing series, setting high scores in practices, and altering difficulty settings for higher Credit gains. A VIP Membership can boost Credit accumulation, though it comes with real-world price tags.

The Race Continues

Forza Motorsport, despite its initial challenges, continues to engage its vast user base with its multifaceted gameplay and the promise of an authentic racing experience. Players need to maneuver not just their cars but also their strategies to make the most of this virtual racing universe. As the game gears up for its global release, all eyes are on Turn 10 Studios to enhance the drive further.

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