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Atlus Explores Partnership with Netflix for Mobile Gaming Ventures


  • Atlus reportedly partners with Netflix for mobile games.

  • Leaker hints at multiple Atlus games for Netflix's service.

  • "Persona 3 Reload" and "Metaphor: ReFantazio" releasing soon.

Atlus, known for its distinguished role in the gaming industry, especially with the impending releases of “Persona 3 Reload” and “Metaphor: ReFantazio,” appears to be expanding its horizons. Recent revelations suggest Atlus is venturing into mobile gaming through a collaboration with Netflix. This partnership aims to develop games for Netflix’s mobile gaming platform, diversifying the company’s portfolio beyond traditional gaming consoles.

Leak Suggests Atlus-Netflix Alliance

A reputed source for Atlus-related leaks, @MbKKssTBhz5 on Twitter, has leaked information about Atlus’s plans. According to the leaker, Atlus is in the process of creating “multiple” games in collaboration with Netflix. These games are tailored for Netflix’s own gaming service, marking a new direction for the developer traditionally known for console games.

New Titles May Include Shin Megami Tensei Game

The leaker has disclosed that one of the games in development could be associated with the Shin Megami Tensei series. However, explicit details regarding the number of games, their scale, and potential release dates were not provided. As with any leak, skepticism is warranted until there is official confirmation from the involved parties.

While the gaming community awaits further news on the Atlus-Netflix collaboration, Atlus continues to focus on its upcoming launches. “Persona 3 Reload” is set for release across several platforms including the latest generation consoles and PC on February 2. Additionally, “Metaphor: ReFantazio” is slated for release this fall for the same range of platforms.