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Atlus Premieres Opening Movie for “Persona 3 Reload” with New and Classic Tunes


  • "Persona 3 Reload" opening movie released by Atlus.

  • Makoto Yuki featured, new song "Full Moon Full Life" introduced.

  • Game launches February 2nd, not including all "Persona 3 FES" content.

Atlus recently unveiled an opening sequence for its forthcoming title “Persona 3 Reload,” featuring main character Makoto Yuki navigating through a selection of music. He ultimately chooses a fresh track titled “Full Moon Full Life,” marking an addition to the franchise’s iconic soundtrack.

A Nostalgic Yet Fresh Experience

“Persona 3 Reload” revives the 2004 PlayStation 2 classic, thrusting players into the life of a new student at Gekkoukan High School. This student becomes embroiled in the shadowy predicaments of the Dark Hour. Alongside peers forming the S.E.E.S, they explore the enigmatic Tartarus tower to combat malevolent Shadows and extinguish the Dark Hour.

Anticipation Meets Limitation

Despite including aspects from “Persona 3 FES,” the game does not feature “The Answer” episode or Kotone Shiomi from “Persona 3 Portable.” Eager fans can dive into the remastered journey when “Persona 3 Reload” debuts on February 2nd across multiple platforms, including next-gen consoles, and is immediately accessible to Game Pass subscribers.

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