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Chinese Automakers Report Spike in EV Sales as Disney’s Iconic Mouse Enters Public Domain


  • Chinese EV sales surpass Tesla's for the first time.

  • Disney's original Mickey Mouse now freely usable.

  • "The Jazz Singer" and literary classics enter public domain.

At the onset of 2024, the U.S. stock market commenced at a moderate pace, while the new year marked the ascension of a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer to the top in sales, surpassing a prominent American company. Additionally, a classic animated character’s copyright expired, allowing public access to its images.

Electric Vehicles: Delivery Reports and Record-Breaking Sales

Several Chinese EV producers, including BYD Co. Ltd., Nio Inc., Li Auto Inc., and Xpeng Inc., disclosed their vehicle delivery figures. While U.S. markets were on a break for the holiday, Nio announced an approximately 12% monthly increase, contributing to a 25% yearly rise. Li Auto set a new record with a 137.1% annual surge, and Xpeng posted a significant yearly rise despite a stable month-to-month performance. Analysts are anticipating Tesla‘s report, which is expected to reveal substantial fourth-quarter sales, although BYD has triumphed over Tesla in EV delivery numbers for the first time.

Disney’s Copyright Milestone and Public Domain Entries

The Walt Disney Company faced the expiration of copyright for its inaugural mouse animation from 1928, leading to the original characters entering the public domain. Although this does not impact the entire Mickey Mouse franchise, the first portrayals can now be used freely. Duke University’s resource provides comprehensive insight into what is permissible with these works. Other notable entries into the public domain include the pioneering sound film “The Jazz Singer,” literary classics by D.H. Lawrence and Virginia Woolf, and iconic musical compositions.

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