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CI Games Eyes $100 Million Revenue with “Lords of the Fallen” and Teases New Project


  • CI Games' "Lords of the Fallen" sells over 1 million copies.

  • New project "Death of the Fallen" may connect to the franchise.

  • "Project 3" aims for broader appeal, utilizes Unreal Engine 5.

“Lords of the Fallen,” the action RPG from publisher CI Games, has achieved impressive sales, crossing the one-million-copy threshold. This success lays the foundation for the company’s ambitious revenue goal of $100 million in the coming years. Additionally, Hexworks, the development studio, is in the midst of creating another high-budget action RPG, presently referred to as “Project 3,” which seems to be tied to the “Lords of the Fallen” franchise.

Trademark Hints at Potential Expansion

An intriguing clue about CI Games’ future plans surfaced through a trademark registration for “Death of the Fallen,” spotted by a Twitter user. While it remains unclear whether this title represents a new chapter or a spin-off within the “Lords of the Fallen” universe, CI Games’ third-quarter webinar of 2023 mentioned that “Project 3” would build upon the acclaim and triumphs of its predecessor.

Enhanced Gameplay and Advanced Technology

The new project is touted to incorporate “more ambitious gameplay options” to attract a broader audience and promises to integrate valuable insights gained from the development of the first game. In a notable technical leap, “Project 3” is being developed using the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5, mirroring the engine choice for “Lords of the Fallen.”

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