Cohesity Announces Early Access to Turing

14 November, 2023 - 3:38 pm (17 days ago)
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In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the landscape of data management and cybersecurity, Cohesity Inc. has taken a significant step forward. The data management giant recently announced early access to Cohesity Turing, an AI feature suite, which was initially previewed in May. This development marks a new chapter in data security and AI-driven insights, showcasing Cohesity’s commitment to evolving enterprise IT needs.

A Strategic Collaboration with AWS

The launch of Turing is accompanied by a crucial technical collaboration between Cohesity and Amazon Web Services (AWS). This partnership involves integrating Turing with AWS’s Amazon Bedrock generative AI service, bolstering the AI capabilities of Cohesity’s platform. Previously, Cohesity had undertaken a similar initiative with Google LLC’s Vertex AI. Sanjay Poonen, Cohesity’s CEO, emphasizes the increasing demand for AI-powered data insights, highlighting the urgency for advanced data management solutions in today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape.

Cohesity Data Cloud: A Comprehensive Platform

Based in San Jose, California, Cohesity offers the Cohesity Data Cloud platform, designed to streamline organizational data management. It addresses various needs such as backing up business files, optimizing storage space, and other related tasks. Impressively, the platform is used by over 2,500 organizations, including a significant portion of the Fortune 500 companies.

Turing: Revolutionizing Data Management

Turing, which debuted six months ago, revolutionizes how administrators interact with data. It enables natural language command usage for data searching and goes beyond to facilitate the analysis of data access patterns, potentially identifying unauthorized file usage. The feature suite also aids in implementing Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), a machine learning technique increasingly used in AI projects. RAG allows for refreshing or extending an AI model’s knowledge base without the need for retraining, streamlining the AI development process.

Deepening Integration with Amazon Bedrock

Cohesity’s collaboration with AWS takes a deeper dive as Turing will utilize AWS’ Bedrock service. This allows developers to access a suite of AI models hosted on AWS’s cloud platform effortlessly. Upcoming features to be introduced at AWS re:Invent 2023 include support for Amazon S3 in DataProtect and enhanced integration with the Amazon RDS relational database service.

AI and Cyber Resilience

This strategic move by Cohesity, aligned with AWS’s powerful AI capabilities, addresses the ever-growing need for enhanced cyber resilience. Organizations constantly face threats from cybercriminals, making it imperative to adopt AI solutions for robust cybersecurity. Cohesity’s advancement with Turing and AWS not only promises enhanced data insights but also fortifies the security posture of businesses, ensuring data is managed responsibly and securely.

Cohesity’s initiative represents more than just a technological advancement; it’s a step towards a future where AI and data management converge to create more resilient, insightful, and efficient IT ecosystems. The collaboration with AWS and the introduction of Turing mark a significant milestone in this journey, potentially reshaping how businesses view and interact with their data in an increasingly digital world.

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