Dell and Hugging Face Unite to Propel On-Premises Generative AI Forward

15 November, 2023 - 1:59 pm (20 days ago)
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Dell Technologies Inc. has embarked on an innovative journey with Hugging Face Inc., aiming to revolutionize the deployment of generative AI models in enterprises. This collaboration marks a significant shift from the predominant cloud-based AI model to a more hybrid and on-premises approach, addressing key concerns in cost, data security, and operational complexity.

A New Era in AI Deployment

Traditionally, large cloud providers like Microsoft Corp. and Google Cloud have dominated the generative AI landscape, offering the significant computing power required for these models. Yet, many enterprises, eager to tailor these models to their unique needs, have been cautious about cloud-associated costs and data security risks. Dell’s partnership with Hugging Face, a platform hosting open-source AI projects, promises to change this narrative by enabling AI models to be deployed closer to the essential on-premises data.

Simplifying the Complex AI Landscape

Enterprises often struggle with the complexity of developing AI applications, a sentiment echoed by Matt Baker, Dell’s Senior Vice President of AI Strategy. Dell aims to alleviate these challenges by providing validated designs for on-premises systems that support AI workloads. This initiative includes resources like storage, servers, and accelerators, which are crucial for effective AI deployment.

The collaboration introduces a portal on the Hugging Face platform, tailored for Dell customers. This portal will feature a curated library of open-source AI models, along with custom containers and scripts for deployment on Dell’s servers and data storage systems. This approach not only simplifies the selection and optimization of AI models for enterprises but also aids in their fine-tuning process.

Empowering Enterprises with Tailored AI Solutions

Jeff Boudreau, Dell’s Chief AI Officer, highlights that this partnership grants enterprises the freedom to leverage open-source generative AI models, backed by the reliability and security of on-premises systems. The Hugging Face Dell portal will also provide access to various datasets, libraries, and tutorials, facilitating the training of generative AI models.

One noteworthy technique employed in the fine-tuning process is retrieval augmented generation (RAG), which enhances AI models with external knowledge sources. Dell is simplifying this process through containerized tools based on LoRA and QLoRA techniques, making it more accessible for customers.

Looking Ahead: Dell’s Expanding AI Infrastructure

Dell’s AI infrastructure is set to expand, with plans to include its Apex service, offering hardware products on an as-a-service basis. Analyst Holger Mueller from Constellation Research Inc. remarks on the timeliness of this partnership, given the shift of AI workloads from exclusively cloud-based environments to a more hybrid model.

This partnership signifies a pivotal moment in the AI industry. While Dell’s vast investments in AI infrastructure are noteworthy, the success of this venture largely hinges on the practicality and utility of the preconfigured AI libraries for Dell’s platforms. The collaboration aims to bridge the gap between AI innovation and enterprise needs, potentially leading to a new wave of on-premises AI solutions tailored for a diverse range of applications.

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