Diablo 4 on Steam: A Genuine Success or Another Victim of Review Bombing?

18 October, 2023 - 8:37 pm (44 days ago)
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The gaming community witnessed the anticipated release of Diablo 4 on Steam, available at a significant 25% discount until October 24. The addition to Valve’s platform follows an earlier announcement this month. With its debut, Diablo 4 also introduced its second season, named “Season of Blood,” revealing an abundance of content. Gamers can now explore new vampire-centric powers, battle fresh adversaries, engage in novel activities, and chase after unique items.

A collaboration ensues with the vampire hunter Erys to vanquish the Vampire Lord. Gamers have the opportunity to form Pacts, thereby harnessing the might of blood magic. Advanced players have the added excitement of confronting five distinct bosses, each possessing their Unique and Uber Unique items. Enhancements in gameplay, such as superior gem storage and carry-over Renown rewards between characters, are also present.

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Significantly, Diablo 4 has been fully optimized for play on the Steam Deck. Those who procured the game via Blizzard’s Battle.net platform can employ certain strategies to indulge in the game on the Steam Deck, bypassing an additional purchase.

User Review Controversy

Despite the anticipation, it appears the game has faced criticism, evidenced by an influx of negative reviews soon after its launch. Out of the 363 user reviews, many are suspiciously premature, written within the initial 10 to 20 minutes of gameplay. Consequently, the game’s current rating stands at a middling 58%.

Several of these critiques don’t delve deep into the game’s dynamics. In fact, some are blatant displays of disdain, seemingly penned by serial critics, echoing previous sentiments from Overwatch 2’s release on Steam. Diablo IV, despite its underwhelming first season, has undeniably been a hit, as showcased by its sweeping critical acclaim and commercial success. However, as it marked one of the first forays of Blizzard into the Steam platform, some backlash was somewhat expected given the history of other game franchises.

Seasonal Updates

Amidst the controversy, Diablo IV’s update 1.2 signifies the commencement of the game’s second live service season. Apart from the fresh questline, players will be treated to innovative Vampiric powers, new endgame bosses, and the Blood Harvest Seasonal Event. With BlizzCon 2023 around the corner, fans are eagerly awaiting Diablo IV’s likely spotlight at the event.

Reflecting on the Release

The introduction of Diablo 4 to Steam has indeed been a mixed bag. Although greeted with notable enhancements and new content, the game hasn’t escaped the sharp critique from a segment of the Steam community. However, the allure of the game remains unscathed for many, promising continued engagement and excitement in the coming months.

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