EA Unveils FC Tactical Merging Turn-Based Strategy with Authentic Soccer

13 October, 2023 - 10:42 am (48 days ago)
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EA Sports, an industry titan recognized for its action-packed sports titles, is taking the digital football world by storm with a distinctive venture: a turn-based strategy soccer game. Dubbed ‘EA Sports FC Tactical‘, this mobile game is slated for debut on iOS and Android platforms in the dawn of 2024.

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Rather than offering the direct player control we’ve grown accustomed to in sports simulations, EA Sports FC Tactical asks its players to think critically about their next move. Matches unfold in a simulated manner, shining a spotlight on pivotal in-game strategies such as player stamina and tactical power plays. This marks a clear departure from the norm, targeting an audience who desires a strategic soccer experience with minimal direct gameplay.

Diving Deeper into the Tactics

Featured in the game are modes tailored for both casual play and competitive endeavors, from friendly online skirmishes to intense rank-based matches, expansive Leagues, and cohesive Guilds. The playing field boasts over 5,000 licensed athletes stemming from more than a dozen elite leagues – think Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, and more. Beyond the matches, players will engage in training sessions, refining athlete moves, unlocking unique traits, and even diving into the aesthetics, reshaping stadium designs, and deciding on ball and uniform appearances.

A closer look at the promotional visuals reveals a numerical skill system for each footballer, categorized into dribbling, passing, shooting, and intricate play combinations. With the addition of power-up cards, players can elevate their game, introducing moves like the wild tap dribble or the floating instep shot.

A Convergence of Two Worlds

Drawing parallels with strategic sensations like Teamfight Tactics, EA Sports FC Tactical incorporates elements from both the strategy and sports genres, hoping to bridge the gap and cater to a diverse gamer base.

As the kickoff date approaches, all eyes are on EA, awaiting this revolutionary blend of strategy and sport. The game’s availability for pre-registration signals its impending arrival, with the digital football pitch set to open its gates on January 18, 2024.

A New Horizon for Soccer Enthusiasts

While the traditional essence of soccer remains intact, EA Sports FC Tactical invites fans to view the game from a fresh perspective. By weaving strategy into the fabric of football, the game beckons a new era where tactics reign supreme. The digital pitch awaits its tacticians. Will you rise to the challenge?

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