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Electric Trucks Win Over Drivers, Potentially Easing Industry Shortages


  • EVs charm drivers, aiding trucking industry issues.

  • Electric trucks offer smoother, more comfortable rides.

  • Quieter EVs improve driver awareness and satisfaction.

The trucking sector is grappling with a significant driver shortfall, prompting a search for strategies to attract and retain drivers. Despite some resistance to electric vehicles (EVs) within the industry, the adoption of EVs could become a competitive advantage, as truck drivers have expressed a fondness for them.

Electrification’s Real-World Impact

Dave Schaller of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) highlighted 10 case studies in a Charged webinar, showcasing the benefits organizations are reaping from EV adoption. These case studies offer tangible insights into the operational advantages of electric trucks.

Drivers’ Enthusiastic Endorsements

Conversations with drivers who have transitioned to electric Class 8 trucks reveal initial doubts turning to enthusiasm. For instance, a Pepsico driver, initially wary of new technology, became a staunch proponent after only a few days behind the wheel of a Tesla Semi.

Moreover, a US Food driver emphatically stated a preference for electric trucks over diesel, wishing to never return to diesel vehicles. Similarly, a UPS driver, once skeptical about the feasibility of electric trucks, now expresses satisfaction with his EV experience.

Drivers find electric trucks to be remarkably smooth, without the need for gear shifting that is common with traditional truck transmissions. This results in a more stable and comfortable driving experience, reducing the physical strain of driving.

The silence of EVs also enhances the driving environment by allowing drivers to be more attuned to their surroundings, a notable benefit when navigating busy urban areas. Schaller emphasizes that the popularity of these vehicles among drivers presents a crucial opportunity for the industry to address the shortage of drivers.

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