Epson Robots’ Highly Anticipated Launch Announced

25 October, 2023 - 6:24 pm (35 days ago)
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In a monumental move, Epson Robots has announced the unveiling of its GX-B Series SCARA robots. This highly anticipated release is set to redefine industry standards, offering an amalgamation of speed, efficiency, and precision.

Introducing the GX-B Series

The GX-B Series features four distinct models: GX4B, GX8B, GX10B, and GX20B. These models offer payloads ranging from 4 kg (8.8 lb) to a staggering 20 kg (44 lb), with the capability to reach up to one meter (39.4 inches). Known for its unmatched speed and precision, this series is powered by the advanced GYROPLUS vibration reduction technology, ensuring rapid production speeds and a seamless motion control experience.

For those eager to witness the GX-B Series in action, the GX10B model will make its public debut at The Assembly Show in Rosemont, Illinois from Oct. 24-26.

The Heart of the Robot: RC700E Controller

The GX-B Series is backed by the prowess of the RC700E robot controller, a game-changer in the realm of automation. This controller not only boosts productivity but, with appropriate risk assessments, can also pave the way for harmonious interactions between humans and robots without the need for safety barriers. Key features include intelligent servo drives with GYROPLUS technology, SafeSense technology for enhanced safety measures, and the ability to run a multitude of tasks simultaneously.

Moreover, the RC700E controller offers unmatched flexibility. It integrates both PC-based controls and a real-time engine, optimizing operations and significantly reducing the potential need for physical safety barriers. This translates to both operational cost and footprint reductions for businesses.

Additional Highlights: Setting the GX-B Series Apart

Versatility at its Best: The robots can adapt to various configurations, including table, wall, and ceiling mounts. Reaches for the different models vary, with the GX20B boasting the longest at 1,000 mm.

Built to Last: These robots are designed for high-intensity environments. They come in standard, ESD, Cleanroom, and protected IP65 models, with TUV certification as standard.

Expansion Ready: The GX-B Series is equipped to accommodate various integrated options, such as Vision Guidance, Parts Feeding, and Conveyor Tracking, ensuring a tailored fit for any industrial need.

Industry 4.0 Compatibility: With advanced OPC UA for robotics connectivity, these robots are primed for next-generation integration and monitoring.

Upcoming Availability and More on Epson

Eager businesses can get their hands on the GX4B and GX8B now, while the GX10B and GX20B will be accessible come January 2024. Epson Robots, a pioneer in the robotic field, has over 150,000 units globally and continues its legacy with the GX-B Series.

With the GX-B Series, Epson is poised to push the boundaries of automation. As the robots find their way into industries globally, one can anticipate a surge in efficiency, productivity, and innovation. This move by Epson not only underscores its commitment to technological excellence but also sets a precedent for the future of robotics.

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