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Exploring the Intuitive City-Building Dynamics in “Pioneers of Pagonia”


  • "Pioneers of Pagonia" is a city-building game focused on exploration.

  • Players learn through intuitive gameplay and supply chain management.

  • The game offers combat and expansion, emphasizing strategic city growth.

The evolution of the city-building game genre continues with the indie title “Pioneers of Pagonia” focusing on exploration and discovery over survival. This game, developed by Envision Entertainment, introduces a border system that guides the expansion of players’ towns into bustling cities.

Introducing the Foundation of City Expansion

For enthusiasts of city-builders, “Pioneers of Pagonia” provides an intuitive experience without the need for a complex tutorial. Players start by establishing basic necessities such as housing, food, and water, quickly learning the importance of managing resources like wood. As the game progresses, players refine resources and face the challenge of expanding supply chains to include more advanced materials like stone and iron.

Learning Through Engagement and Expansion

The game’s naturalistic building system, which uses a grid as more of a guideline than an absolute, leads to organically developed cities. As players grapple with supply and demand, they learn how to operate and expand their settlements, making strategic decisions about resource extraction and building placement. Trial and error play a significant role in understanding the game’s mechanics, as players encounter a variety of industries and the necessity for border expansions.

“Pioneers of Pagonia” gradually teaches players its mechanics through objectives that hint at the game’s complex supply chain interactions. The lack of detailed tutorials means players must experiment and learn from their mistakes. While early missteps may affect city layouts, the game is forgiving, allowing players to correct and continue building their settlements effectively.

Border expansion is a crucial mechanic, allowing players to increase their city’s territory simply by placing guard towers. As players delve deeper into the randomly generated map, they encounter other factions, engage in trade, and complete quests, enriching the gameplay experience. However, players must also prepare for potential hostile encounters by developing a military, crafting weapons, and training soldiers to defend their cities.

“Pioneers of Pagonia” offers a fresh perspective on city-building gameplay, emphasizing industry and supply chains over individual citizens’ nuanced needs. While combat exists, it is resolved automatically based on army strength, allowing players to focus on the strategic development of their cities. This early access release promises a strong future with potential enhancements from the developer.

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