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Facebook Unveils ‘Link History’ Feature for Tracking User Website Visits


  • Facebook's 'Link History' tracks visited websites.

  • Feature improves user experience, aids advertising.

  • 'Link History' can be disabled for privacy concerns.

Facebook has rolled out a new feature called “Link History,” aiming to improve user interaction and bolster advertising capacity. This function archives the titles and URLs of web pages navigated via the platform, offering a straightforward method for users to revisit previously browsed sites.

Enhancing User Convenience While Aiming at Advertisement Gains

The feature is aimed at aiding individuals in retracing their online steps and reviewing their internet engagements. Facebook’s promotion of this tool suggests that it provides an easy way to access a saved record of browsing activity on the site. It particularly assists those who have difficulty remembering the links they have engaged with while on Facebook.

However, users should be aware of the implications of using “Link History,” as it comes with the stipulation of enabling Facebook to utilize the collected data for targeted advertising purposes. The details recorded may also be shared across other Meta-owned platforms, such as Instagram. While the feature is currently active by default, users have the option to deactivate it manually in the settings, although its availability is not yet worldwide.

Operational Dynamics of Facebook’s ‘Link History’

When a user clicks on a link within Facebook, it opens in the platform’s “Mobile Browser,” keeping the user within the Facebook ecosystem and allowing the social media giant to better track user activity. Facebook has established a 30-day window for storing clicked links, striking a balance between privacy and functionality.

For those concerned about privacy, Facebook provides the ability to opt out of “Link History,” which can be found under “Browser Settings” in the app. Turning off this feature results in the immediate deletion of the user’s link history, with reassurance from Facebook that the data will not be utilized for ad targeting on other Meta properties. Despite these assurances, it is essential to recognize the potential for social media companies to retain data on their servers for extended periods.

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