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FIFA 23 Review


  • FIFA 23 marks the end of an era with familiar gameplay.

  • Enhancements in realism and strategic depth stand out.

  • Room remains for innovation, especially in non-FUT modes.

FIFA 23 represents the culmination of nearly three decades of partnership between EA Sports and FIFA, ending on a note that mixes nostalgia with innovation. Despite this being the final iteration under the FIFA moniker, the game maintains its traditional core, with enhancements that affirm its legacy while setting the stage for future developments under the EA Sports FC brand.

Technological Triumphs and Tactical Tweaks

A standout feature of FIFA 23 is the introduction of HyperMotion2 technology, which heightens realism and player responsiveness. This advancement not only enriches the visual experience with more lifelike player movements but also impacts gameplay mechanics, making matches feel more authentic. Players exhibit nuanced, realistic actions, contributing to a more immersive football simulation.

On the tactical front, FIFA 23 slows the pace, encouraging strategic play over mere speed. Precision in passing and decision-making takes precedence, with refined gameplay mechanics that reward thoughtful approaches. This shift results in a more balanced and satisfying footballing experience, where every move and countermove carries weight.

Image Source: Epic Games

Content Expansion and Ultimate Team Innovations

The game extends its inclusivity by featuring women’s club football, a long-requested addition that enriches the diversity of play. However, limitations remain, as women’s teams are not fully integrated into all game modes, highlighting areas for future expansion.

Ultimate Team, a significant revenue driver for EA, undergoes a transformative chemistry system overhaul, enhancing team customization and strategic depth. This change, alongside the introduction of Moments challenges, revitalizes the mode, though concerns about its microtransaction-focused structure persist.

Career Mode and Beyond: Room for Improvement

While the career mode introduces new elements, such as playable highlights and a personality system, it largely remains unchanged, reflecting an area ripe for innovation. Similarly, the inclusion of AFC Richmond from “Ted Lasso” offers a whimsical touch but lacks depth, indicating potential yet unexplored.

The game’s visual and audio presentation continues to evolve, with improvements in player animations and environmental details. However, the commentary, often repetitive, and the soundtrack, while diverse, highlight the challenging balance between novelty and familiarity.

FIFA 23 walks a fine line between honoring its roots and embracing change. While it succeeds in advancing the series technically and visually, it also clings to established formulas, leaving some areas feeling stagnant. As EA Sports transitions to the new FC branding, the path forward involves building on the solid foundation laid by FIFA while daring to innovate and redefine football gaming.


  • HyperMotion2 technology provides an unmatched level of realism.
  • The slower pace and enhanced tactics result in a more thoughtful game.
  • Inclusion of women’s club football and Ultimate Team changes add variety.


  • Career mode and other non-FUT areas lack significant updates.
  • Microtransaction elements within Ultimate Team remain controversial.
  • The transition from FIFA to EA Sports FC raises uncertainties about future innovation.