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Football Manager 2024 Scores Big with Record Player Base


  • Football Manager 2024 outsells previous titles.

  • 6 million players in just 59 days.

  • Available on PC, consoles, and mobile via Netflix.

The iconic Football Manager series has continued to achieve great success with its latest release, Football Manager 2024. The game has attracted a more substantial following than any previous versions since its release in November.

Rapid Growth in Player Base

Miles Jacobson, the studio director of developer Sports Interactive, reported through Twitter that Football Manager 2024 has already reached a milestone of 6 million players globally, outshining its predecessor’s pace by a significant margin. In contrast to Football Manager 2023, which took almost a year to reach the same number of players, the 2024 edition achieved this feat in under two months, setting a new bar for the franchise’s popularity.

Available Across Various Platforms

With an impressive score of 8/10, Football Manager 2024 has been commended for its detailed enhancements that collectively improve the overall gaming experience. The game is widely accessible, available on numerous gaming platforms including PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Mac. For mobile gamers, it is exclusively accessible through Netflix.

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