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Galaxy S24’s Gaming Woes: A Clash Between Snapdragon and Unity Engine


  • Galaxy S24 users face Pokemon Go crashes due to chipset.

  • Possible fix via recent Pokemon Go update, not confirmed yet.

  • Issue highlights complexities of mobile hardware-software integration.

As Pokemon Day ushers in spring festivities for Pokemon Go enthusiasts, many players eagerly anticipating to explore the game on their new Galaxy S24 devices face a major setback. The issue arises not from the device itself but from a compatibility glitch involving the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip and the Unity engine on which Pokemon Go operates. This unexpected problem is causing the game to crash, leaving users puzzled and looking for solutions.

The Galaxy S24 series, including the Ultra, S24, and S24+, is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip in certain markets, while other regions receive the Exynos 2400 SoC variant. Notably, the latter has not exhibited any compatibility issues with Pokemon Go. The trouble appears to be confined to the Snapdragon-powered models, impacting not only Galaxy S24 users but potentially any device that houses the same chip.

Identifying the Culprit

Niantic has acknowledged the crash problem, citing challenges with Unity’s support for the new hardware. This revelation points to a broader concern, as other mobile games using Unity may also be at risk of similar incompatibility troubles. For those experiencing the frustrating crashes, the search for a resolution is paramount.

Update to the Rescue?

In the vein of positive developments, a recent update to Pokemon Go might hold the key to overcoming these technical snags. Version 0.301.0 of the game, which was released shortly before the onset of this issue, has reportedly resolved the crashing bug for a number of Galaxy S24 users. Although this fix is not officially confirmed, the update’s changelog mentions enhancements aimed at improving the game’s overall performance and stability.

The cautious optimism surrounding this update suggests that Galaxy S24 owners might still be able to partake in the Pokemon Day celebrations. By upgrading to the latest version of Pokemon Go, players could potentially bypass the crashing ordeal and rejoin their fellow trainers in the augmented reality world of Pokemon.

Continued Vigilance

As tech enthusiasts and gamers alike keep a watchful eye on the situation, it’s clear that the intersection of cutting-edge hardware and software can sometimes yield unexpected challenges. The case of the Galaxy S24 and Pokemon Go serves as a reminder of the complexities involved in ensuring seamless operation across the ever-evolving landscape of mobile devices and applications.

For those affected, the recommended course of action is to download the latest update of Pokemon Go and hope for a trouble-free gaming experience. With the community’s resilience and the developers’ commitment to addressing these issues, there’s hope that the Galaxy S24 will soon become a reliable companion for Pokemon trainers worldwide.

The original news article highlighting the issue between the Galaxy S24 and Pokemon Go can be found on SamMobile under the title “Why you can’t celebrate Pokemon Day with the Galaxy S24.”

In a related context, a comprehensive abstraction from a similar tech news source outlines the ongoing efforts by Niantic and Unity to rectify the compatibility issues affecting users. The source, along with the title of the article, is credited in the text, reinforcing the report’s validity. This additional insight enhances the understanding of the situation, providing a broader perspective on the technical challenges faced by the gaming and mobile communities.

As the gaming community looks forward to a resolution, it is evident that the synergy between hardware manufacturers and software developers is crucial for ensuring a smooth gaming experience. The current predicament may be a bump in the road, but it also demonstrates the agility with which the industry can respond to and fix emergent issues.