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General Motors Revamps Bonus Structure to Spur EV and Self-Driving Growth


  • GM revises salaried bonus plan, focusing on EV and Cruise.

  • Cruise funding slashed after incident, GM aims to regain trust.

  • GM plans to launch six new EVs across various brands this year.

General Motors (GM) is restructuring its bonus system for salaried employees, emphasizing the importance of several key business sectors, notably the self-driving division Cruise and electric vehicle (EV) sales. The change reflects the company’s strategic ambitions to promote growth in these emerging markets and recover from recent setbacks.

Aligning Bonuses With Strategic Goals

According to GM spokesperson Tara Kuhnen, GM’s bonus plans are evolving to align more closely with the company’s strategic goals, encouraging a broad perspective among employees. Recent reports suggest that 60 percent of bonuses for salaried workers in 2024 will be based on the company’s free cash flow and earnings performance, while the remaining 40 percent will be tied to the success of EV sales, software and services, and the Cruise division.

Challenges and Adjustments at Cruise

The motivation for this bonus restructuring perhaps comes from recent difficulties, particularly with GM’s self-driving unit, Cruise. The company made headlines with its decision to cut Cruise’s 2024 funding by half due to an incident where a driverless taxi was involved in an accident with a pedestrian. This led to a temporary suspension of their driverless vehicle permit and staff reductions at Cruise, including the departure of several leaders. GM CEO Mary Barra has expressed the company’s determination to regain trust and refocus Cruise’s efforts.

As part of GM’s push to enhance its market position, Barra underscored their commitment to public safety and regulatory compliance. She stressed the importance of rectifying the issues at Cruise to move forward.

Moreover, GM is set to expand its EV lineup this year with the introduction of six new models across its Chevrolet, Cadillac, and GMC brands. These launches are a crucial component of GM’s strategy to transition towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced automotive future.

In light of these efforts, a deep dive into the company’s strategies can be found in articles from other news sources. “GM to factor in EVs, software, and Cruise in worker bonus talks” from TESLARATI and “GM factor EV, software, AV performance in salaried bonuses” from Automotive News provide a comprehensive look at how GM is realigning its incentive programs and operational focus to better position itself in the competitive landscape of electric and autonomous vehicles.

Further insights and opinions on GM’s strategies and industry moves can be sought by reaching out to commentators like Zachary Visconti of TESLARATI, who is actively engaging with readers and industry watchers on various platforms.

General Motors is evidently recalibrating its approach to accelerating growth in the high-stakes EV and self-driving markets. The adjusted bonus incentives are a clear signal of GM’s prioritization and investment in these pivotal areas, as it aims to secure a leading position in the future of the automotive industry.