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Generative AI Firm Anthropic Seeks $750 Million in Funding, Eyeing $18 Billion Valuation


  • AI startup Anthropic seeks $750M funding.

  • Valuation could soar to $18 billion plus.

  • Major investors include Google, Amazon.

Anthropic, a generative AI startup, is purportedly negotiating a major funding round that may secure $750 million and elevate the company’s value to over $18 billion. This significant investment round is led by Menlo Ventures, as reported by The Information, with the pre-money valuation pegged at $15 billion, a substantial increase from its earlier valuation this year.

Funding Round Confirmation and Valuation Details

Confirmations from CNBC support these discussions, revealing that the deal could increase Anthropic’s valuation to as much as $18.4 billion. Despite this high valuation, Anthropic initially targeted a potential $20 to $30 billion valuation. The company, which employs approximately 300 people, aimed to achieve $200 million in annual recurring revenue as of the last report in October.

Historical Funding and Strategic Investments

Previously, Anthropic has accumulated $7.6 billion from various investors, including tech giants Google and Amazon. Its most prominent funding to date came from a deal with Amazon in September, which involved a commitment of up to $4 billion in exchange for a minority stake. This was closely followed by Google’s massive investment of up to $2 billion in October, including an initial $500 million and plans for an additional $1.5 billion over time.

Anthropic’s competition with OpenAI, another AI powerhouse, is significant in the context of these huge investments. OpenAI, known for its ChatGPT tool, has managed to draw $11.3 billion in funding, largely from Microsoft. This rivalry highlights the vast financial backing AI startups have received following the launch of ChatGPT and the subsequent surge in investor interest.

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