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Helldivers 2 Sparks Debate Over Reward System and Player Strategies


  • Helldivers 2 excites with intense galactic war.

  • Farming strategy raises debate on game rewards.

  • Proposed changes could balance effort with rewards.

Helldivers 2 enthralls players with a captivating experience of being a mere soldier in a colossal intergalactic conflict. The thrill of narrowly escaping danger and contributing to planetary defenses, despite seeming insignificant, adds to the excitement. However, the game’s reward system has raised some eyebrows, particularly concerning the major order which requires players to successfully defend eight planets. A controversial farming method appears to be the crux, where players earn medals without contributing significantly to the defense campaigns.

Conflict of Interests

Arrowhead Games designed battles in Helldivers 2 to be hard-fought victories, yet a fundamental principle of the game’s design may be hindering this vision. Players who fail a mission receive no rewards, which contrasts with the game’s intent to make each battle feel significant. This conflict within the reward structure is exacerbated by the prevalent farming strategy, where players complete specific operations to collect medals, often ignoring the broader war effort. This tactic has stirred discontent among players who are invested in the game’s overarching narrative and strategic success.

Inconsistent Reward System

The reward system’s conflicting nature is further highlighted by the community’s response to farming practices. While some view it as undermining collective goals, others argue that not all players prioritize the game’s narrative. The current mechanism rewards medal collection and progression, but penalizes failure heavily, even though players may have fought valiantly. The design paradoxically aligns with the game’s theme of a society exacerbating problems, as some players minimally engage in campaigns for personal gain, to the detriment of the larger objective.

Reassessing Rewards and Penalties

The evac missions in Helldivers 2 exemplify the issues with the reward system. These missions are notoriously difficult and, despite strategic ingenuity in execution, failure results in no rewards, causing frustration and demotivation among players. A reevaluation of the rewards and penalties could resolve these tensions, suggesting bonuses for successful civilian evacuations and contributions for partial completion of operations. Such changes would encourage players to engage with the game’s objectives more fully, without feeling their efforts are in vain during challenging missions.

In pursuit of a more balanced and encouraging reward system, Helldivers 2 could draw inspiration from modifications in other games such as World of Warcraft’s rested XP, which transformed from a penalty to a bonus. Adjustments to the reward structure, like bonuses for extra civilian rescues, may incentivize players to strive beyond the bare minimum, rewarding exemplary service without penalizing the unavoidable setbacks. This could rejuvenate the community’s enthusiasm and align rewards with the game’s ethos of overcoming adversity through teamwork and perseverance.

The discussion of Helldivers 2’s reward strategy brings to light not only the specific challenges within the game but also the broader implications of game design on player behavior. By fine-tuning the balance between rewarding success and acknowledging effort, Helldivers 2 has the opportunity to enhance its community’s commitment and enjoyment. Ultimately, the game’s greatest moments shine when players embrace the chaos, and the proposed changes could ensure that the reward system supports this core experience.