Honor Announces New Feature “Magic Capsule”

26 October, 2023 - 9:37 pm (34 days ago)
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At the recent Snapdragon Summit, Honor, under the guidance of its CEO George Zhao, unveiled an exciting feature for its forthcoming Magic 6 smartphone. This innovative inclusion is bound to transform the way users interact with their devices.

Magic Capsule: The Eye’s Command

Honor’s new feature, dubbed the “Magic Capsule”, lets users command their phone using just their eyes. Demonstrations showed a user navigating the Uber app by merely shifting their gaze, opening the app without any physical touch. Although eye-tracking isn’t a novel concept in the smartphone world, the Magic Capsule stands apart by targeting app interactions, taking the technology beyond mere authentication and payment confirmations.

Powered by Advanced AI

The heart of the Magic 6’s impressive capabilities is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, renowned for its AI prowess. The smartphone’s core AI competencies not only power the eye-tracking feature but also breathe life into a virtual assistant that harnesses Qualcomm’s on-device AI. Demonstrations highlighted its utility in curating and editing videos based on specific user criteria. The assistant can, for instance, identify and showcase clips where individuals are smiling, thus tailoring content to the user’s preferences.

Legacy of Eye-Tracking

Historically, tech giants like Samsung ventured into the eye-tracking domain with features like the Iris Scanner on their Galaxy S9, primarily focusing on device unlocking and payment authentications. However, Honor’s approach seems more holistic, integrating eye-tracking seamlessly into general device usage and application interaction.

Despite the allure of the Magic Capsule, it’s worth noting that its real-world performance remains to be seen. Early indications hint at a multimodal interaction system, where the eye’s gaze could work in tandem with other inputs for a more streamlined user experience. Furthermore, the pending launch of the Magic 6 has set the tech community abuzz, especially since devices boasting Qualcomm’s new flagship chipset are expected in the imminent weeks.

Honor’s Magic 6, with its marriage of advanced AI and eye-tracking, stands at the cusp of smartphone interaction innovation. While the tech community waits with bated breath for its release, there’s undeniable optimism about the future of hands-free interaction, especially when it’s steered by the human gaze. The real challenge, however, lies in ensuring that this technology is not just a fleeting novelty but a lasting and useful addition to the smartphone experience.

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