How Will EA Sports Address FIFA’s Gameplay Feedback?

5 October, 2023 - 8:55 pm (56 days ago)
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The gaming world is abuzz with the latest releases from EA Sports. Codemasters is gearing up for a rallying spectacle, while the FIFA franchise’s latest iteration records staggering early sales. Here’s a deep dive into the anticipation and performance of these two titles.

Rallying into the Spotlight with WRC

Renowned developer Codemasters, in partnership with EA Sports, is all set to steer gamers into the world of rally racing with their latest, “EA Sports WRC”. A new gameplay video has been shared, illuminating the breathtaking and varied rally terrains of Estonia, Japan, and Sweden. These terrains challenge players with changing weather patterns and seasons, demanding dexterity and strategy.

Rally Estonia battles players with snow and rain, Sweden captivates with the beauty of sunset and darkness, while Japan offers a mix of winter and summer escapades. The dynamic camera angles, such as cockpit view and chase camera, only amplify the realistic racing feel. Gamers, buckle up for November 3!

FIFA’s New Strategy Pays Off

Switching gears to the soccer arena, “EA Sports FC 24“, the latest successor in the revered FIFA lineage, managed to net significant sales even before its global release. Early access for Ultimate Edition owners was a game-changer, clocking sales at a whopping 35% increase from FIFA 23.

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Additionally, a 10-hour trial for subscribers of EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate added more zest to the pre-release engagement. Though the physical sales faced a slight dip, the game still ranked impressively on the UK charts. Feedback on gameplay has been varied, suggesting the franchise might need to rethink its gameplay strategy for its next launch.

Assessing the Gameplay Field

EA Sports, with its dual releases, has showcased a flair for engagement and innovation. While WRC promises a rally experience like never before, FIFA’s sales figures affirm its stronghold in the sports gaming realm. As players gear up for rally terrains and soccer arenas, one can’t help but ponder on the future maneuvers EA Sports has up its sleeve, especially in addressing gameplay feedback for the FIFA franchise.

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