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Impending GPU Scarcity Could Propel Prices, Nvidia’s Strategy in Question


  • Speculation points to potential Nvidia GPU shortages and price hikes.

  • New RTX Super models may contradict Nvidia's supply rationalization.

  • Rumors stir concern, yet the credibility of sources remains uncertain.

A recent speculation suggests that Nvidia may soon confront dwindling stocks for its GeForce gaming GPUs, inciting worries about potential price surges. While such increases may not reach the extremes previously seen, the situation is precarious. The source of this rumor, a tech site called MyDrivers, attributes the insights to industry informants in Taiwan who have observed a supply drop in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Geographic Spread of GPU Shortfalls

Although the rumor lacks specifics on which Nvidia models are impacted, it intimates a widespread shortage affecting consumer graphics cards. The Asian market is expected to bear the brunt, but the United States and Europe are also likely to feel the effects, with Nvidia’s products becoming scarce.

Future Supply and Demand Challenges

Forecasts from MyDrivers suggest a “very limited” supply of Nvidia boards looms ahead, coupled with the possibility of price hikes for certain models. However, the predictions are not without contradictions, as Nvidia faces a dilemma with its upcoming product launches and shifting production priorities.

The recent restrictions on the RTX 4090 in China have already influenced global pricing, with a new RTX 4090 D variant introduced to circumvent the ban. This issue has raised concerns that similar scenarios could unfold for other Nvidia GPUs, particularly if production continues to be redirected from GeForce GPUs to more profitable AI cards.

Despite this, Nvidia is set to release new RTX Super refreshes, aiming to rectify the middling performance of current models like the RTX 4080. The company’s strategy appears to be a balancing act, replacing underperforming GPUs and maintaining competitiveness against AMD.

Alongside the reshuffling of models, Nvidia’s new RTX Super offerings are rumored to be priced competitively, which seems at odds with the forecasted stock limitations and potential pricing tension. Moreover, the MyDrivers report’s credibility is questionable given its brevity and lack of detail.

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