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Insights on Halo’s Next Chapter: 343 Industries Embarks on a New Installment


  • 343 Industries hints at a new Halo game.

  • LinkedIn profiles reveal a shift to Unreal Engine 5.

  • Speculation of additional unannounced Halo project lingers.

Following recent updates that spurred a renewed interest in the Halo Infinite game, 343 Industries appears to be channeling efforts into the next chapter of the beloved Halo series. This development comes amidst the studio’s continuous support for Halo Infinite, hinting at a dual focus on maintaining the current title and birthing a new installment.

LinkedIn Clues Point to New Halo Development

Evidence of a new Halo project surfaced through LinkedIn profiles belonging to both a former and a current developer at 343 Industries. Justin Dinges, who departed the company in March of the previous year, had indicated his role as an art director for an undisclosed Halo title until his exit. This position dated back to April 2022, suggesting that plans for the next Halo venture were already in motion.

Unreal Engine 5: A New Era for Halo

In a significant shift, Ian Slutz, a senior character systems designer, is reportedly working with Unreal Engine 5 to craft player systems and assets. This move to Unreal Engine 5 aligns with reports from the previous year about 343 Industries transitioning away from the Slipspace Engine to adopt Unreal Engine 5 for future Halo endeavors.

The LinkedIn profiles of both Dinges and Slutz provide a window into the ongoing progress and the technologies involved in the upcoming Halo project.

Although there have been rumors of an additional, unannounced Halo project separate from Halo Infinite, job listings over the years have subtly confirmed this speculation. However, a report from Bloomberg in January 2023 countered the rumors, suggesting that no new single-player Halo content was actively in development at the time.

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