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iPhone Miraculously Survives 16,000-foot Plunge from Airplane


  • An iPhone incredibly survives a 16,000-foot drop.

  • Survival story overshadows important security issues.

  • Users often neglect basic iPhone security setups.

In a remarkable incident, an iPhone withstood a fall from 16,000 feet when the plug door of Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 malfunctioned, demonstrating the device’s impressive resilience, aided by its protective covering. The fortuitous landing angle played a critical role in its survival.

Not Just Luck: A Testimony to iPhone’s Sturdiness

The story of the iPhone’s fall garnered significant attention online, as it contradicts typical experiences of iPhone users, whose devices often suffer screen or body damage from much less severe drops. Although this event highlights the iPhone’s robustness, it is not impervious to damage, as evidenced by the experiences of other iPhone users.

Security Concerns Overlooked Amidst Viral Survival Story

Despite the viral nature of the iPhone’s survival story, a critical aspect concerning device security has been overshadowed. In an era where iPhone theft and Apple ID fraud are rampant, many users neglect basic security measures such as enabling passwords, PINs, or Face ID. Ensuring device security is an essential first step for all smartphone users.

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