Is ‘The Last of Us’ Multiplayer Game Facing Development Doom?

6 October, 2023 - 8:18 pm (59 days ago)
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In the realm of gaming, Naughty Dog’s standalone multiplayer venture for ‘The Last of Us’ has been eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide. However, recent developments and multiple reports are shedding light on the turbulent journey of this much-awaited project.

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Mounting Uncertainties at Naughty Dog

News around ‘The Last of Us’ multiplayer game is less than promising. Reports emerging from within the studio indicate that the project, once touted as Naughty Dog’s most ambitious endeavor, has been shelved. This decision, likely catalyzed by issues surrounding the game’s live service model, puts fans in a tight spot, eagerly waiting for official news from Naughty Dog or Sony.

Noteworthy Departures

Highlighting the project’s troubled status is the exit of several key personnel, including Anders Howard, a principal figure in the game’s monetization strategy. Howard’s tenure at Naughty Dog was brief, having joined from Epic Games. His departure, so soon after joining, is causing ripples of concern among the gaming community.

A Growing Trend in Gaming

The impending layoff of at least 25 contract employees at Naughty Dog is not an isolated incident. The gaming industry, in recent times, has witnessed similar cuts, further complicating the outlook for ‘The Last of Us’ multiplayer project. While the project hasn’t been officially axed, the continuous stream of unsettling news paints a bleak picture.

Re-evaluating Direction

The studio’s previous optimism about the project contrasts starkly with the current scenario. The strategic decision to cut back on the development team and the impending layoffs seems to underline a change in studio priorities, and possibly, a re-evaluation of their approach to live service games.

Reflections on the Project’s Trajectory

Despite initial enthusiasm and confidence, the multiplayer project for ‘The Last of Us’ is on rocky terrain. The project’s significant ambitions, coupled with hurdles in the live service model, have contributed to its current impasse. While the game’s original vision may never see the light of day, fans worldwide are left pondering what could have been.

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