It is Now Possible to Delete Threads Account Without Deleting Instagram

14 November, 2023 - 9:56 am (23 days ago)
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Meta‘s recent updates to Threads, the text-based social media platform, mark a significant shift in its relationship with Instagram, offering greater control and independence to its users. With these changes, users can now delete their Threads profile without affecting their Instagram account, a feature long sought by the community. This step towards autonomy can be accessed in the app’s settings, under “Account” and then “Delete or Deactivate Profile.”

Enhanced Privacy and Control

In addition to account separation, Threads has introduced a privacy-focused update allowing users to opt out of having their posts promoted on Instagram and Facebook feeds. This addresses privacy concerns raised by users who previously had no control over the visibility of their Threads content on other platforms. The update, found in the Privacy section of the Settings menu, underscores Meta’s response to user feedback and its commitment to offering more customizable experiences.

Threads: Striving for Independence

While Threads remains closely linked with Instagram, requiring an Instagram account for access and using its inbox for messaging, these updates hint at a potential path towards greater independence. Meta’s plans to integrate Threads with ActivityPub, the protocol behind Mastodon and other fediverse services, suggest an ambition to broaden the app’s reach and functionality, independent of Instagram.

Addressing Challenges and Enhancing Features

Threads has faced challenges since its launch, including user retention issues and criticism over limited features compared to other social media platforms. Despite a record-breaking start with 100 million downloads, Threads saw a significant drop in user numbers, prompting Meta’s CEO to focus on boosting retention.

Recent additions like an edit button, a voice Threads feature, and a Web version of the app indicate ongoing efforts to enhance the platform’s appeal and usability.

These updates represent Meta’s balancing act between maintaining integration with established services like Instagram and responding to user demands for more control and privacy. While Threads’ complete independence seems unlikely, these steps towards user autonomy and enhanced features could pave the way for a more distinct and user-friendly platform.

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