Large Amount of Personal Information of CCleaner’s Paid Customers Confirmed Stolen

29 October, 2023 - 4:37 pm (32 days ago)
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Millions of users rely on the optimization app CCleaner, developed by the multinational software company, Gen Digital. However, recent events have put user trust to the test. Following a massive data breach in May, it has been confirmed that hackers have stolen a substantial amount of personal information about CCleaner’s paid customers.

MOVEit Vulnerability: Hackers’ New Playground

The crux of the issue lies in the MOVEit file transfer tool. Widely adopted by thousands of organizations, including CCleaner, this tool facilitates the transfer of extensive datasets, especially those of a sensitive nature, over the internet. Unfortunately, hackers identified and exploited a vulnerability in this tool, gaining access to names, contact information, and even details about the products purchased by users. While Gen Digital’s spokesperson, Jess Monney, confirmed the breach’s impact on customer phone numbers, email addresses, and billing addresses, the exact magnitude remains undisclosed. However, it’s worth noting that less than 2% of users were reportedly impacted by this breach.

The Dark Web Threat

Alarming still is the fact that these breaches may have more profound implications. The notorious Clop ransomware group, known for its dark web leak site, has previously listed breached data to extort companies. While CCleaner’s stolen data hasn’t been listed yet, a previous listing for NortonLifeLock, another brand under Gen Digital, has raised concerns.

A History of Breaches

This isn’t CCleaner’s first encounter with security threats. Rewinding to 2017, hackers compromised the software, planting malware that spied on over two million users. With a clear intention, these cybercriminals specifically zeroed in on leading tech companies and telecom titans.

A Year of Digital Turbulence

2023 has proven to be challenging for digital security. Since May, the mass-hacking spree targeting the MOVEit file transfer tools has escalated, marking it as one of the year’s most significant hacks based solely on victim numbers. Researchers’ data suggests a grim picture with over 2,500 organizations confirming MOVEit-related data breaches, putting at least 66 million individuals at risk.

In light of these events, CCleaner has made moves to safeguard its users. The company offers “BreachGuard” for added dark web monitoring, free for six months, aiming to bolster user data protection and privacy.

With the digital landscape continually evolving, it’s more crucial than ever for companies to prioritize user data security. The recent breaches serve as a stern reminder of the lurking cyber threats. As users and companies navigate this digital age, a collective effort is required to safeguard personal information and ensure a safer internet ecosystem for all.

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