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Legacy EV Introduces Innovative 100 V EV Training Bench for Educational Purposes


  • Legacy EV released a versatile 100 V EV Training Bench.

  • Training Bench designed for hands-on EV technology education.

  • A vital tool for aspiring electric vehicle technicians.

Legacy EV, known for supplying electric vehicle (EV) conversion kits and offering training, has taken a significant step towards education by introducing a new 100 V EV Training Bench. This practical tool is aimed at educators to facilitate hands-on learning about EV powertrains and safety measures. The versatility of the bench allows for reuse across various classes and year after year, making it a durable educational investment.

The bench’s practical design enables students and professionals to gain real-world experience by wiring, diagnosing, and programming EV-related components within a controlled environment.

It emphasizes high-voltage safety and provides a hands-on approach to understanding the workings of EV systems. Its functional aspects are meant to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skill development in the field of electric vehicles.

Equipped with modern tools, the training bench includes a space to accommodate a laptop for programming and data logging purposes, a programmable motor controller, and a battery management and charging system that’s also programmable.

It also offers the capability to connect to a Controller Area Network (CAN) for data interpretation, and additional wiring harnesses that can be purchased to enhance the learning experience. With a price tag of $35,000, the bench is an investment into the future skill set of the EV industry workforce.

Mavrick Knoles, President of Legacy EV, voiced that the new training bench is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of EV technology. It stands apart by not being restricted to any particular OEM platform, which prepares students for a flexible career in the rapidly advancing EV sector. Hands-on experience gained from this bench is invaluable for those aiming to become proficient EV technicians.

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