Microsoft Plans to Bring its AI-Powered Personal Assistant Copilot to Windows 10

9 November, 2023 - 12:22 pm (26 days ago)
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In a significant move, Microsoft is reportedly planning to bring its AI-powered personal assistant Copilot to Windows 10, expanding its reach beyond the newer Windows 11 operating system. This decision is driven by the company’s desire to increase Copilot’s user base and attract developers to create plugins for the AI assistant.

Currently, Copilot is available exclusively on Windows 11, which has around 400 million monthly active devices. Bringing Copilot to Windows 10, which boasts a massive user base of one billion monthly active devices, would significantly increase the number of users who can benefit from the AI assistant’s productivity-enhancing features.

Microsoft is also reportedly planning to introduce plugins for Windows 10 Copilot, allowing developers to extend the AI assistant’s capabilities with custom tools and integrations. This move could further incentivize developers to adopt Copilot, as they can reach a wider audience and potentially monetize their plugins.

The expansion of Copilot to Windows 10 aligns with Microsoft’s recent efforts to promote the AI assistant more aggressively. The company recently announced the general availability of Microsoft 365 Copilot for enterprise customers, and it has consistently highlighted Copilot’s benefits in its marketing campaigns.

Microsoft’s decision to bring Copilot to Windows 10 is a strategic move that addresses several key objectives. Expanding the AI assistant’s user base will drive adoption and encourage more developers to create plugins, which in turn will enhance Copilot’s capabilities and further attract users. Additionally, the move could encourage Windows 10 users to consider upgrading to Windows 11, which offers additional AI-powered features.

Overall, Microsoft’s plans to bring Copilot to Windows 10 represent a significant step in the company’s efforts to democratize AI and enhance user productivity. By expanding the AI assistant’s reach and fostering a developer ecosystem, Microsoft is positioning Copilot as a valuable tool for users across its operating systems.

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