Moreh Secures Major Funding, Poised to Transform AI Infrastructure

26 October, 2023 - 6:30 pm (42 days ago)
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Santa Clara and Seoul-based AI software developer, Moreh, has successfully raised a significant $22 million in a Series B funding round. Leading investors, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Korean telco KT, have placed their confidence in Moreh’s transformative vision for AI infrastructure. This surge in funding boosts the startup’s total capital to an impressive $30 million.

Bridging the AI Software Gap

Existing AI software tools, while suitable for managing small-scale models with limited GPUs, struggle to cater to the rising demands of more expansive AI infrastructures. Moreh’s pioneering AI software, MoAI, aims to bridge this gap. Unlike Nvidia’s CUDA, MoAI promises broader compatibility, aligning with renowned machine learning frameworks like Meta’s PyTorch and Google’s TensorFlow. This compatibility effectively broadens the horizons for AI models and applications traditionally limited to Nvidia platforms.

Unlocking Advanced AI Potential

The global GPU shortage has emphasized the need for a more flexible AI infrastructure. Moreh’s solutions present AI developers, data center operators, and AI chip manufacturers with this very flexibility. Their advanced AI software grants GPUs, and specialized AI chips like neural processing units (NPUs), the capability to manage advanced AI models without extensive code modifications. Gangwon Jo, the mind behind Moreh, elaborates on the significance of this flexibility, indicating a broader benefit for the AI community at large.

Elevating Performance Standards

Moreh isn’t just offering compatibility; it’s raising the bar for performance. Claims from the company suggest that their solutions outpace Nvidia’s renowned DGX in terms of speed and GPU memory capacity. Their AI accelerator, when combined with the MoAI platform, exhibited an astounding 116% surge in GPU throughput in contrast to Nvidia’s A100. The result? A drastic reduction in the time needed to kickstart training for expansive AI models.

Charting a Bright Future

With a revenue stream already in place, Moreh’s future looks promising. Their collaboration with KT, initiated in 2021, is yielding positive outcomes, emphasizing the robustness of their AI technology. The recent accomplishment of training a Korean-language-based LLM with a staggering 211 billion parameters underscores their commitment to advancing the AI realm. Aiming to release this model as open-source, Moreh is set to make a substantial impact in the AI community.

The recently secured funding will further catalyze Moreh’s growth, fueling research, product expansion, and talent acquisition. Currently housing a team of 70, this ambitious startup is set on a path to dominate the AI software arena, with steadfast support from noteworthy South Korean VC firms like Smilegate Investment and Forest Partners.

As the AI domain continues its rapid expansion, the need for robust and flexible infrastructures becomes paramount. Moreh’s approach, backed by formidable investors and a vision to revolutionize the industry, positions it as a key player in the next chapter of AI development.

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