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MSI Teases New Handheld Gaming PC Ahead of CES 2024


  • MSI teases handheld gaming PC resembling Steam Deck.

  • MSI to reveal full details at CES 2024; joins Asus, Lenovo.

  • Valve's Steam Deck refresh hints at a competitive market.

As anticipation builds for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, MSI has unveiled a teaser for its upcoming handheld gaming PC, suggesting a new competitor in the market currently dominated by Valve’s Steam Deck. The brief video, posted on Instagram, hints at the device’s design, showing dual analog sticks and cooling vents, but stops short of revealing its name or detailed specifications. MSI promises to disclose more information at the CES event.

Entering a Growing Market of Portable Gaming

MSI is set to join a growing list of established PC gaming hardware companies venturing into the portable gaming space. Asus and Lenovo have already introduced their respective devices, the ROG Ally and Legion Go, while smaller hardware manufacturers like Ayaneo have also been active in this segment. This trend underscores the increasing interest in handheld gaming PCs, which combine the power of a gaming PC with the convenience of a portable device.

Competition Heating Up with New Innovations

The competition is heating up as Valve recently updated its Steam Deck, implementing modest enhancements and incorporating an improved OLED display. These developments indicate a robust and innovative market, with consumers standing to benefit from a variety of options that cater to an on-the-go gaming lifestyle.

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