Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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New Communication Features Arrive for Android Users on X


  • X's Android app now supports calling features.

  • Settings allow users to manage who can call them.

  • Moves to rival WeChat and Twitch with new services.

The social media application X has extended its audio and video calling features to Android devices, following the launch on iOS in the previous year. These enhancements are part of a series of exclusive functionalities available to subscribers, with non-paying users being able to receive calls only. An engineer from the company inadvertently disclosed that the update will be accessible with the latest version of the app.

Enabling New Call Options

To activate the newly introduced call features, users must navigate through the app’s settings. By following Privacy and safety > Direct Messages > Enable audio and video calling, users can configure who is allowed to contact them. The settings provide a range of options, allowing users to manage permissions based on their contacts list, those they follow, or verified profiles.

X’s Ambitious Expansion

These updates mark a significant step towards X’s goal to become a comprehensive application akin to WeChat. The platform is looking to integrate AI to improve search and advertising, along with introducing peer-to-peer payments. Additionally, X is targeting competition with Twitch by launching monetized live streams.

Nevertheless, X has some ground to cover in catching up with established services like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Facetime that already offer similar calling features. This feature rollout is a move to retain users and entice them with upcoming new features.