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New Security Enhancements Arrive for Samsung Galaxy A52 5G


  • Security update released for Galaxy A52 5G in the US.

  • Addresses 75+ vulnerabilities to enhance user privacy.

  • Improves device performance and system stability.

Samsung has initiated the rollout of a new software update for its Galaxy A52 5G handset, specifically targeting models that are locked to carriers in the United States. This update is significant as it incorporates the January 2024 security patch, aimed at bolstering the safety and overall resilience of the system.

Release Details and Update Version

The latest upgrade is being disseminated with the One UI build version A526USQSCFWL4. Due to the phased nature of software deployment, it may necessitate several hours or potentially days before all units receive the notification.

Security and Performance Improvements

Addressing over 75 distinct security issues and exposures, this security patch is instrumental in safeguarding user data and enhancing privacy. Furthermore, the update is designed to strengthen the system’s security and operational stability while also promoting performance enhancements to enrich the user’s experience with their Galaxy device.

To manually verify the availability of new software updates, users should navigate through the device’s System Settings, access the Software Update section, and opt for the Download and Install option.

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