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NY Times Sues Tech Firms Over AI Copyright Infringement


  • The NY Times sues OpenAI and Microsoft over AI training.

  • Case spotlights copyright's legal and ethical issues.

  • Some outlets seek collaboration, not courtroom battles.

The New York Times has initiated a groundbreaking lawsuit against tech corporations OpenAI and Microsoft, accusing them of using its proprietary journalistic works to train their AI systems without authorization.

Contentious Use of Copyrighted Material

The conflict, which is now before the Federal District Court in Manhattan, underscores a growing rift between original content producers and the developers of generative AI technologies. The lawsuit points to the unauthorized utilization of millions of the Times’ articles by OpenAI and Microsoft to enhance AI models such as ChatGPT and Copilot. The Times argued that without the ability to safeguard their independent journalism, the loss to society would be irreplaceable.

The implications of this legal action emphasize the ambiguous boundary between fair use and copyright infringement in the digital landscape. The case is part of a wider pattern of lawsuits that signal increasing legal scrutiny over AI developers’ practices worldwide.

OpenAI Responds and Alternative Solutions

In reaction to the lawsuit, OpenAI’s spokesperson conveyed both astonishment and disappointment, underscoring the organization’s respect for content creators’ rights and its readiness to collaborate for mutual benefits. The matter revolves around generative AI’s learning process from vast online datasets, stirring concerns about the potential misuse of copyrighted content.

Additionally, the Times highlighted the issue of AI “hallucinations,” where AI-generated content falsely associated with the Times could tarnish its reputation. Other publishers are also confronting tech giants, accusing them of siphoning off web traffic and ad revenues. Legal experts, however, cast doubt on the success of such claims.

Amidst these confrontations, some news outlets are opting for cooperation instead of legal conflict. Companies like Axel Springer and The Associated Press have struck deals with AI firms, opening a possible avenue for negotiation between tech giants and content creators.

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