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OpenAI Prepares to Unveil ChatGPT Store to Users


  • OpenAI to launch ChatGPT store next week.

  • Store allows easy AI model creation for all.

  • Monetization plans for creators to come.

OpenAI has announced the forthcoming launch of its ChatGPT store, a development that follows a delay due to internal company issues. The new marketplace, which will be available next week, is designed to facilitate the creation and distribution of AI models, encouraging a broad range of users to participate.

User-Friendly Innovation

Emphasizing inclusivity, the store will enable individuals, regardless of their technical background, to develop AI models using the latest version of ChatGPT without any coding requirements. This initiative aims to democratize AI usage and innovation, allowing for a diverse array of applications beyond the confines of those who are traditionally tech-savvy.

Enhanced Connectivity and Guidelines

The new models will boast several advanced capabilities, including internet access for up-to-date information, image generation via DALL-E, and a Code Interpreter for GPT coding assistance. Furthermore, an “Actions” feature will connect GPTs to various external services, enhancing their utility. Initially, the GPT store will cater exclusively to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers.

OpenAI has provided guidance to users on how to effectively leverage the GPT store, which includes adherence to OpenAI’s usage policy and brand guidelines, verification of builder settings, and the requirement to publish GPTs publicly for store display.

Content Restrictions and Monetization

The organization has also delineated a list of prohibited GPTs that promote harm, engage in fraudulent activities, or disseminate sensitive content. OpenAI will employ both manual and automated methods to enforce these policies. Additionally, OpenAI has hinted at future plans to monetize the platform, offering financial incentives to creators, though details on this aspect remain unspecified.

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