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Peek into “Outcast 2: A New Beginning” Reveals In-Depth Gameplay and World Exploration


  • New "Outcast 2" gameplay video released.

  • Highlights exploration, combat, and flight.

  • Game launching on March 15 for major platforms.

GameInformer has recently unveiled a fresh 15-minute gameplay video of the eagerly awaited open-world game, “Outcast 2: A New Beginning,” providing insight into the title’s extensive exploration and combat features.

Exploration and Alien Worlds

The footage highlights the game’s heavy focus on exploration, displaying the player’s journey through diverse extraterrestrial landscapes. The variety of settings promises to deliver a rich experience filled with discovery and adventure.

Combat Mechanics and Abilities

For both combat and navigation, the game promises a suite of unique abilities, with an emphasis on the game’s aerial maneuverability as demonstrated in the video. This mechanic adds a dynamic layer to the overall gameplay structure.

“Outcast 2: A New Beginning” holds the distinction of being a continuation of one of the pioneering 3D open-world games, with its predecessor preceding even renowned titles such as Grand Theft Auto 3. Announced at a THQ Nordic event in 2021, the sequel has been highly anticipated.

A previous trailer released in August 2022 offered a glimpse into the game’s combat intricacies, weapon customization options, and flight capabilities, further enticing fans of the series.

Scheduled to arrive on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms, “Outcast 2: A New Beginning” is set for release on March 15, aiming to enthrall players with its expansive world and innovative gameplay.

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