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Podcast Highlights Tento+ Platform in FemTech Series Debut


  • Olivia Friett hosts FemTech series podcast debut.

  • Thorn and Rowe discuss Tento+ platform's evolution.

  • Podcast probes medical technology's adequacy for women.

In the maiden episode of the FemTech series on the MedTalk Podcast, Olivia Friett, editor of Medical Plastics News, converses with notable guests Nicola Thorn and Laurie Rowe. Thorn, the CEO of AND Technology Research, and Rowe, the founder and director of Red Medtech, discuss the strides made by the Tento+ platform since its introduction at the Med-Tech Innovation Expo.

Exploring Tento+ and Its Development

The dialogue delves into Tento+ platform’s functionalities and its development journey, with Rowe shedding light on the significant contribution of her company, Red Medtech, in the platform’s creation. The conversation highlights the collaborative efforts between the two entities in refining the Tento+ tool.

FemTech’s Response to Women’s Medical Needs

Additionally, Thorn and Rowe address a recurring question pertinent to the FemTech industry: does current technology sufficiently cater to the medical needs of women? This inquiry underscores a critical evaluation of the sector’s advancements and gaps in addressing gender-specific health issues.

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