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Possible Reveal of Indiana Jones Game Title by Fans


  • Kurakasis potentially uncovers game title.

  • Lucasfilm domain registrations fuel speculation.

  • Gameplay reveal anticipated at Xbox event.

A tidbit of information regarding MachineGames’ upcoming project believed to be titled “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” has surfaced. A sharp-eyed social media user identified as Kurakasis theorizes this name based on domain registrations by Lucasfilm.

Domain Registrations Hint at New Title

Kurakasis deduced the potential title from observing recently registered web domains, including, which directly relate to the anticipated Indiana Jones game. Such domain acquisitions often precede official announcements, providing an early hint at a project’s branding.

Anticipation Builds for Official Details

As of now, neither MachineGames nor Lucasfilm has commented on the game’s official title or launch schedule. Speculation suggests a release could occur within the year. The game is expected to be featured with gameplay footage and more information at the upcoming Xbox Developer_Direct event on January 18.

Other anticipated titles joining Indiana Jones during the showcase include “Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2,” “Avowed,” and “Ara: History Untold.” These games are poised to attract significant attention alongside the Indiana Jones title.

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