Remedy Entertainment is working on their next big project, Control 2

20 November, 2023 - 3:55 pm (14 days ago)
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Remedy Entertainment, after receiving eight nominations at The Game Awards 2023 for Alan Wake 2, is transitioning towards their next major project, Control 2.

Leonid Stepanov, a senior gameplay designer who contributed significantly to Alan Wake 2, has announced his involvement in the development of Control 2. This transition comes at a time when the studio is also working on other projects, including Max Payne 1-2 Remake and the reboot of the Vanguard project, now known as Kestrel.

Control 2, a follow-up to the 2019 supernatural action-adventure/third-person shooter, is currently in the proof-of-concept stage and is being developed for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC.

Remedy aims to prove the key elements of Control 2 before expanding the development team. Although a release window for Control 2 is yet to be announced, the project’s ambitious plans are progressing well in both design and game build.

Meanwhile, Alan Wake 2, a 2023 survival horror game and sequel to the original Alan Wake, has been praised for its narrative and gameplay, offering players a thrilling experience as they navigate the story of horror novelist Alan Wake and FBI agent Saga Anderson.

The game is available for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S.

This shift in focus to Control 2 signifies Remedy Entertainment’s dedication to expanding its portfolio and exploring new creative avenues within the gaming industry.

The studio’s commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences remains steadfast as they navigate through the development of multiple major titles simultaneously.

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