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Resurgence of Monster Hunter World Peaks Player Interest Ahead of Monster Hunter Wilds Launch


  • "Monster Hunter World" sees a player count resurgence.

  • Interest spikes post "Monster Hunter Wilds" announcement.

  • Capcom boosts engagement with discounts and helpful content.

In the wake of the announcement for “Monster Hunter Wilds,” “Monster Hunter World” has experienced a significant comeback, achieving a new zenith in concurrent players with 138,148 players as reported by SteamDB. This peak, recorded on January 2, represents the game’s highest player count since July 2020 when it hit 144,376 concurrent players. This revival seems to signal renewed interest in the franchise.

SteamDB’s data shows an increasing trend in player engagement that began in early December, suggesting a correlation between the player surge and the announcement of “Monster Hunter Wilds.” The trend remained consistent through the month, underscoring the game’s enduring popularity and the palpable anticipation for the new title within the gaming community.

“Monster Hunter World” and its expansion “Iceborne” have become more accessible to gamers due to significant price reductions in December. Capcom, the game developer, has leveraged this by producing a series of “Return to World” posts and videos. These resources aim to re-engage former players and assist newcomers by offering gameplay advice, thereby fostering a vibrant player ecosystem.

While “Monster Hunter Wilds” is slated for a 2025 release without a specific date, fans can still enjoy “Monster Hunter World” and “Iceborne” on several platforms. Both titles are available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with the added benefit of backward compatibility on the latest-generation consoles.

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